Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

A Different Kind of Day

Last Thursday I had hoped to use today as a splurge day instead of painting. I was going to take the day off, do something fun, go to the spa. Turns out, my sister in law Carole was unexpectedly scheduled for surgery this morning. Carole lives and works in Santa Monica, we live by Disneyland. In order to get to Santa Monica by 7:30 am we had to leave by 6. Leaving the house by 6 required getting up at 4:30. So, no splurging today.

We got to the hospital at 8:10 after a 2 hour drive never reaching traffic speeds you think you should be able to go on a freeway with 6 lanes. Carole’s daughter Jennifer let us know when we arrived that there was a mix up and instead of surgery at 9:30 it’s been scheduled for 12:30. Oh well.

Wildlife Artist Laura CurtinPhoto – by Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin
You can see this and more flowers in the photography section. If you are interested in a print contact me.

Carole is doing well. She seemed happy that her family was there and she would soon be done with the surgery. The hospital staff rescheduled the procedure to 11 am so the wait wasn’t too bad. She didn’t want visitors after the surgery so we left her to the doctors and made the drive home in about 35 minutes. California traffic gotta hate it.

So no splurging today, no painting and no work. I went home and napped for a couple of hours. Back to painting tomorrow, I’m ready to put wrinkles on a turtle.

Santa Monica is a really cool place when you are not trying to get there first thing in the morning. Check it out. http://www.santamonica.com/

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