Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

Back in the Market Place

I’m putting together prints of Paintings for a holiday boutique set for November. I haven’t been in a art show in 10 years. I’m excited about the show but I have no idea how to anticipate what people will want to buy. I’ll bring greeting cards, prints of original artwork, nature photos and Christmas Cards and see what happens. Barbel from the gallery is going to participate in the show with hand painted Christmas ornaments and vases. Barbel’s artwork is amazing. I’ll get pictures of some of her items before the show and post them here.

I’m looking online for other holiday shows in the Orange County California area. Some of the shows require a substantial investment in the booth accessories and decorations. Other shows are smaller indoor boutiques that might work for someone like me getting started again. Next thing I’ll research is how to have a successful show on a limited budget.

Original Artwork by: Laura Curtin“Mountain Bluejays”- Oil on Canvas by Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

I have been trying many different types of promotion for sales on my different online sites and sales are slow. The most common advice I hear from successful sellers is that it takes time to build up the customers and to keep on going. Funny, that’s the same advice I’m always giving myself about painting. I also hear people saying that after the election in November sales might go better.

Dan is designing original nature print Christmas Cards for the holidays. We are really close to the final styles and will be posting them soon. The holiday cards are cute and festive and I can’t wait to get them online.

Here is a pretty comprehensive list of holiday celebrations in Orange County California

Here is one that looks promising for me.

Here is Barbel’s Gallery website again

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