Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

Brush Fetish

I love a one brush day. I’m talking painting now. If I get done painting for the day and I go to wash up my brushes and realize there is only one dirty brush I know it was a spectacular painting day. I do have to find the right brush to begin with but after that it’s really cool not thinking, only painting. I hate going through my paint box looking for another brush because the one I’m using isn’t working. On difficult painting days I’ll find I have 6 or 7 brushes to clean.

Brushes are beautiful things, I have at least 100. This isn’t all of them just the ones I grabbed out of my paint box.

Wildlife Artist Laura CurtinYes it’s a fetish for Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

I can’t control myself when I get around brushes. I either have to be strong and walk on by or break down and buy another brush. Art Supply Warehouse here in Westminster, CA is my favorite place to feed my brush addiction. They have a Escoda Grafilo #16 Bright for a discounted price of 96.46 I really can’t live without. Last year Art Warehouse had a Black Friday sale after Thanksgiving and these beautiful brushes were half off. I have all the other sizes of brights that the store carries.

The Art Supply Warehouse is one of the last places around here where the artist can go and find anything they need for any project. They have a whole aisle of brushes and the Escoda’s are in a special case. I think the case makes me want the brushes more. The store is always full of people wandering around looking at stuff and thinking about art. I feel so at home there with my brush addiction. So cool.

If you can’t visit The Art Supply Warehouse in person they have an online store.

Here is where they are and all the neat stuff they offer. If you like their store on facebook you will get interesting links and pictures.

6672 Westminster Blvd.
Westminster, CA 92683
Phone: 714-891-3626
Fax: 714-895-6701

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