Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

Happy Being a Drip

Sometimes I’m surprised when I set out to paint something and it comes out just like I hope it will.  I decided to add water drops to the fern in the front of the painting and the drops would fall off the plant into the river and bounce back up.  I’ve painted waves, lakes, oceans, water in a vase but never bouncing water.

On the other side of the tiger the water is rolling with the movement of the tiger.  I thought I’d give that image a try first.  I had the original photo of the snow monkeys in the water and this little roll was in that photo.  I paint at work, (I own a income tax office that gets pretty quiet after April 15.).  I set up my easel and pallet and said what the heck, I can do it.  When I finished the water roll and it actually looked like water rolling I was so surprised and happy.  I showed the painting to everyone that came in the office.  Sometimes I still can’t believe I can paint.  Weird.

Original Artwork by: Laura CurtinTorrit the Tiger Progression 5 by: Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

So, happy with the flat water on the right side of the canvas I felt strong and went on to the water drops falling and laying on the ferns hanging over the water.

Original Artwork by: Laura CurtinTorrit the Tiger Progression 6 by: Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

After painting on the water drops it was only logical that the drops would be falling into the water. I had to try painting bouncing water plus the ripples and the cross ripples.  Sometimes I wonder why I create more work for myself.  In this case the idea of all the water and the drops really worked.  I did wipe off a lot of the ripple effect and I did have to keep trying over and over to create the water look but painting it was worth it to me.

Original Artwork by: Laura Curtin

Torrit The Tiger Progression 7 by: Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

Well that’s it for this painting.  When I finished this I was surprised I could paint in black and white with so much freedom and expression.  I realized that I pulled off stripes on a beautiful animal.  Trying new things like water rolling and dripping gives me a feeling like butterflies in my stomach, nervous hoping I can do it justice.  I found I liked using the limited color pallet so much that I painted two more black and white paintings,  “Ghost in Torrit Woods, a snowy owl and Waiting for a Friend,  silverback mountain gorilla.”   Check out the finished “Torrit the Tiger, Ghost in Torrit Woods and Waiting for a Friend” on my web page or purchase a print at my etsty store listed below.

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