Wildlife Art & Photography by: Laura Curtin

Is Ambition Something You Can Catch?

I’m working so much right now it feels like tax season. The new routine is get up at 5:30 post an etsy listing on facebook, twitter, and pinterest. Exercise for an hour. Feed the cats. Get ready and go to the office. Work is split between taxes and clients, painting, promotional work, printing prints for sale and so on. I think I caught ambition.

I went to work for my mom when I was 22. One of her staff had quit in February and Mom asked me to help and that’s where I’ve been ever since. My mom passed away in 2005 and I became the owner of Hess Income Tax. I love the office and my clients. I didn’t expect to stay there most of my adult life. I’m a really good tax lady and I’m a really great artist. I don’t want to be a starving artist. I want to be a successful artist. Am I too old to get ambition? Is ambition for the young?

What if some of those closest to me don’t have any interest in my ambition to succeed? What then? How do I overcome that? Anyone have any ideas?

Wildlife Art & Photography by: Laura Curtin“Daniel’s Tiger” – Oil on Canvas by: Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

Maybe ambition is not caring so much if it’s the right time or if anyone supports me. I’ve always heard ambition is wanting something so bad your willing to work hard for what you want. Watch me.

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