Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

Keep Going

Saturday I painted 7 hours and today, Sunday, an additional 5 so I have a good start on the new painting. If you look at my Etsy site you’ll see I’ve painted many different animals, felines, primates, canines, birds and the lone elephant. I wanted to paint something totally different this time. So I decided to paint a desert tortoise. Actually I’m splitting my painting time between the tortoise and the little bobcat “Chloe” for Forever Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Inspiration for Wildlife Artist Laura Curtin
Wildlife Artist Laura Curtin“Chloe the Bobcat”

Between the 12 hours this weekend and the 3 during the week I have the canvas covered. I didn’t just sail away into Lala land and lose myself in the painting but I was able to keep focused and on task. Sometimes that’s what happens with a painting. I think because the tortoise is something so different than my usual furry animal I am learning that I have to relearn how to paint every now and then. I realize once again that my motto, “Keep Going!” is always relevant when I think the painting looks bad. The part of my brain that creates knows what it is doing and if I keep going all will be right.

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I am helping to support a great animal rescue center with portions of my sales from my Etsy sales site. I am giving 10% of all sales to this fantastic animal rescue center.
Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary

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