Wildlife Art & Photography by: Laura Curtin

Like a Circle in a Spiral, Like a Wheel Within a Wheel

Last night I woke up at 1:10 and could not go back to sleep. Kevin saw on the internet that if you can’t sleep try stretching your toes out and then curling them back over and over until you fall asleep. I’ve tried this before and it worked pretty well. Last night not so much. I never did go back to sleep. I sleep walked through the my day today.

What makes the brain go round and round in circles at night. Worrying about things I have no possibility of fixing from bed. I should have just gotten up and exercised or painted or something. I could have gone outside and watched the sunrise.

I love seeing the sunrise. I’m up most mornings exercising by the time the sun comes out. For many years I roller-skated outside on the streets in the early morning and I’ve seen a lot of beautiful sunrises. I’m sure people thought I was crazy, I would skate down the street and sing “Oh what a beautiful morning.” I remember seeing sunrises because I stayed up all night on purpose. Some of those times were great, others not so much.

Wildlife Art & Photography by: Laura Curtin“Monkey’s” – Oil on Canvas by: Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

Sunrises and sunsets are wonderful painting subjects. It’s always hard to convey to the audience that it is morning or evening. Like the painting above, are the Langur Monkeys waking to the day or getting ready to sleep. You could find the childrens book “Langur Monkey’s Day” and read the page to find out what time of day it is. I sure don’t remember.

Tonight I will sleep. Tomorrow another sunrise.

Here is a website from the Mayo Clinic about staying asleep

Here is another one that has some really reasonable answers to staying asleep. www.greenhealthspot.com

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