Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

Losing Friends

My ADP rep Linda Pomier stopped by the office today with a trainee to give me a new stylus for my ipad, (very cool), and some information about new programs the company is promoting. The trainee, sorry I don’t remember her name, asked me why I started painting wildlife. I said, “I don’t know?” Those were the first words out of my mouth. Now why wouldn’t I have an answer to that? What went through my mind when she asked was, “I like animals better than people”. I wasn’t sure that was true so I gave the I don’t know answer.

Soon after Linda left, Tommy the Bar guy came into my shop and told me he had the worst day of his life yesterday. He started to cry. Last time he was like this it was Christmas and his Mom had passed away. I was afraid this time it was his Dad, but when I asked he said no. I remembered his dog is old and he was worried about her. Sure enough Noodles the Poodle had to be put to sleep. She was his friend for 21 years. He loved her as a best friend.

Original Artwork by: Laura CurtinPug – Oil on Canvas by Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin
Meet Apricot Pie, she was someones friend for many years too.

I don’t have a problem with people. I do quite well meeting with my clients during tax season. I love hearing about their lives since the last time I spoke with them. Most of the people I meet with talk to me as a friend and I like it. So why would I think I like animals better? So many of us bond with our pets. Sometimes our relationship with our pets outlast our people relationships. Everyone knows they don’t judge and love us back unconditionally. We grieve when they die. I’ve had quite a few pets over the years domestic and exotic, cute and cold blooded, all interesting. Maybe that’s what it is, interesting and magnificent, beautiful and amazing. I love animals, that’s all I know.

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