Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

New Painting “Surprise!”

“Surprise! (Somebody has some explaining to do.)” Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

Wildlife Art by: Laura CurtinThe new painting is here and it has a long name. The name is fitting since it took me a long time to paint this one. There is a fun story how this pink pachyderm painting got it’s name.  I paint with the Thursday morning painting class and one Thursday Mrs. Bea Edwards asked me a funny question.  Bea is a long time member of our class and she turned a 100 years old this year. Bea was looking at the painting and pointed to the two large elephants and asked me, “Laura, is that the Mom  and the Dad?” I told her “Sure I guess so.”  And she said, “Well somebody has some explaining to do.” I thought her observation was so clever I wrote her words down on the stretcher bar on the back of the painting so I’d always have that memory.

I had a wonderful feeling about this family scene long before I got it on canvas and I hope you feel it too.  I love the size of the parent elephants in comparison to the little guy. When I was thinking about this I wanted to show how the family protects and cares for their young, how the smallest elephant is safe among the giants.  It is just a plus that the little guy happens to be pink.

I  didn’t realize what I was getting into with this painting.  For one thing the painting is 36″ x 48″ which is larger than I normally paint. Next, there are a LOT of wrinkles in this painting in case you didn’t notice.  That is another thing Bea said to me.  “Laura how many wrinkles are in that painting?  I told her 350,657 and she said, Wow I think that’s more wrinkles than I have!”  Isn’t she great.

I took a lot of photos while I was painting. The pictures are interesting because they document my painting process.  I made a lot of “discoveries” while I was painting, for instance, painting wrinkles may not always work the first time and I had to paint over three feet of elephant leg again.   When I paint one area really detailed every other area must also be just as detailed and, don’t ask for anyone else’s opinion if you don’t want to hear it.  I thought I was done with this painting three times before it was really done. Thank goodness for honest opinions from my family and friends and I’m thankful I’m patient.

Please enjoy the latest Pink Elephant.


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