Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

New Paintings Coming Soon

I picked up the digital copies of my newest painting from the photographer today. He did a great job and worked quick. I took him two other paintings that had never been photographed and he finished digital files for those. I sent the files to my son Dan so he could cut them up and get them ready for the website and the Etsy store. I will be posting new paintings soon.

I did get 3 hours of painting in today. Stuff always happens at work, like working, and I don’t have as much time to paint as I would like. Over the weekend I painted the new canvas completely with the first underpainting. Today I started over with the second complete coat to start refining details, painting highlights and darks. Here is one of my cellphone photos of “Cougar Ledge” with the first underpainting of the rocks. This is pretty much how all my paintings start out.

Original Artwork by: Laura Curtin“Cougar Ledge” Progression 1 by: Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

This painting came a long way from this first picture. 100 hours of detail went into this painting after the picture was taken. I can’t wait to premier the finished painting in a day or two. Tomorrow I will post one of the other paintings I picked up today. Hope to see you all back tomorrow. Very Excited.

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I am helping to support a great animal rescue center with portions of my sales from my Etsy sales site. I am giving 10% of all sales to this fantastic animal rescue center.
Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary

Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you back soon.

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