Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

Press Release 12-21-12

Contact: Laura Curtin
Tel: 714-654-7293
Email: info@lcurtin.com
Website: www.lcurtin.com

Laura Curtin… Wildlife Artist! Tax Expert!

Critics Say – ” Laura’s paintings are not your average wildlife paintings. The wildlife subjects in her paintings look real and the settings are natural yet the scene seems magical. Watch one of her paintings closely and you’ll be sure you saw something move or when you blinked a bird flew away.”

Laura Curtin puts her own idea of the natural world on canvas and the results are captivating.  These paintings are the places in Laura’s mind and she invites you to tour this beautiful world with her.

“Each of my paintings are unique. You won’t see anything like it from anyone else. I get a picture of an animal in my mind and I keep seeing it until I get it on canvas. Every place I paint is a place I’d like to be.” -Laura

Laura also operates the family tax business.  Her mom Betty opened Hess Income Tax in 1960 and it has been operating in the same location for the last 53 years. Laura has 33 Years in the tax preparation business serving her local community of Westminster CA. With a client base of 600 hundred plus its a wonder Laura has time to paint at all.

“I went to work for my mom when I was 22. One of her staff had quit in February and Mom asked me to help and that’s where I’ve been ever since. My mom passed away in 2005 and I became the owner of Hess Income Tax.

I love the office and my clients. I didn’t expect to stay there most of my adult life. I’m a really good tax lady and I’m an amazing artist. I don’t want to be a starving artist. I want to be a successful artist. Am I too old to get ambition? Is ambition only for the young? I think it’s time to get my work out to the public. ” -Laura

Visit www.lcurtin.com to see all of my original oil paintings and photography. You may also purchase 8×10 prints and greeting cards in the shop. I am working on a new line of greeting cards as well.

Visit her office, have your taxes prepared by an expert Enrolled Agent and enjoy being surrounded by the natural world of wildlife art. Learn more at www.hessincometax.com

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If you would like Contact Laura Curtin’s Wildlife Art please schedule an interview by phone or email with Laura Curtin Toll Free: 888-995-6469 • info@lcurtin.com