Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

Thursday is the Wildest Week Day

Have you read the saying, “The worst day fishing, surfing, (insert your passion here), is better than the best day working? That’s the way I feel about Thursday morning painting class. I’ve been going to Barbel’s Art Studio in Huntington Beach on Thursday mornings for more than 20 years. We’ve lost a few students over the years and gained new people, some come and stay, some go. Class is so much more than painting and we’ve run off more than a few new students being loud and irreverent. As a group we can tell each other nearly everything, we support each other through marriage, divorce, babies and death. I miss Thursday morning painting class terribly when it’s tax season and I can’t go for 3 months. I don’t take lessons anymore but I can count on everyone to help out when I have a color dilemma or I need a fresh eye and critique.

This is Barbel in front of the art studio. Isn’t she lovely? She keeps the studio open for all of us even though the economy makes it difficult. Barbel is super talented, she can paint anything her students bring to class. Her paintings are in collections all over the world. Everything Barbel paints is beautiful and her flowers are exceptional.

Art ClassBarbell at art class with Laura Curtin

This is Bee. Bee turned 99 this year and still drives herself to class. Her painting is amazing. She picks out something she wants to paint in the morning and 3 hours later it’s nearly done. She actually had a blank canvas in front of her this morning and this picture is about 2 hours into class. She does have the advantage of tuning us out and concentrating on painting rather than all the yakking some of the rest of us do. Oh and 50+ years of painting experience.

Art ClassBee at art class with Laura Curtin

Betty and I laugh a lot. All of us laugh a lot mostly because we’re picking on Betty. Betty paints wonderful unique paintings. She’s a world traveler and likes to get the best pieces of her trips on canvas. Her paintings are colorful and full of interest. Betty is a good sport and puts up with us.

Art ClassBetty at art class with Laura Curtin

Katrina drives 90 minutes to get to class each week, that’s dedication. She has been a member of this class longer than I have. If you want a truthful answer with no boloney ask Katrina. Katrina is painting her beloved dog Fritz. It’s great!

Art ClassKatrina at art class with Laura Curtin

Evelyn paints beautifully detailed paintings. She really takes a lot of time perfecting each of her paintings. Here she is with Barbel finishing up a beautiful floral painting.

Art ClassEvelyn at art class with Laura Curtin

Mary is fairly new to class, only 2.5 years or so but she fit in so perfectly it’s like she was always here. I have to confess Mary and I went to high school together so it really is like she has always been here for me. Our lives have criss crossed over the years and this is the best time ever for me.

Art ClassMary at art class with Laura Curtin

Joan is new to this class. Joan is an accomplished watercolorist. She teaches classes and has been painting in Barbados for the last ten years. We are very lucky to have Joan join the class with her keen observations and dry humor.

Art ClassJoan at art class with Laura Curtin

I brought my Panda tryptic to class today. I needed to take them over to Rogers Photography in Santa Ana to get new digital photos taken so I can have cards made for my Etsy store.

Original Artwork by: Laura CurtinWildlife Art by: Laura Curtin In painting class

We were missing quite a few ladies today. Linda had some tests, Patricia had company, Kathy our part time student probably had to work. Bobbie, TK and Judy have all been ill and we miss them a lot. I love my friends from painting class like sisters. I hope you enjoyed the introduction.

Please check out Barbel’s website and if you are nearby Huntington Beach, drop by Thursday morning or better yet sign up to take a class with Barbel.

Check out Joan’s Blog, she has the most beautiful watercolors here plus a schedule of watercolor workshops.

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