Wildlife Art by: Laura Curtin

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Thank you for visiting my new blog!

Original artwork by: Laura Curtin.My name is Laura Curtin.

I am a Southern California Wildlife Artist who takes pride in craftsmanship and realism. I combine my natural artistic ability with extensive research for my wildlife painting projects. Working predominantly with oils, my paintings depict wildlife in their habitats. Each painting tells a story, look into the animal’s eyes and the surrounding detail for the true character alive in each painting.

I have been painting wildlife for more than 25 years. My paintings are numerous and many have purchased by private collectors. I enjoy going to workshops and private painting classes with other artist to learn new things. I learn a lot about life in these classes in addition to art.

Children love the fun and amusing aspect of many of my paintings. Enjoy a copy of the children’s book “Langur Monkey’s Day” Illustrated by Laura Curtin. I will be covering many topics in my new blog from painting, wild life conservation, inspirations and personal insights.

I also love taking flower and nature photography in my spare time.

In the Near Future I will begin writing a how to paint blog section with tips and tricks.

Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you back soon.

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