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Laurs's Wild Life
Laurs's Wild Life

How She Started

Laura has been a nature and wildlife enthusiast since her early childhood and started painting to put her imaginations down on canvas.

While she is primarily a self-taught artist, her detail-oriented approach includes certain valuable inputs from seminars and workshops. Laura always feels adrenaline rush whenever her work is going well and often disappears into her paintings.

Wildlife Artist Based in Southern California

Laura Curtin-Ross is a wildlife artist based in southern California and the owner and founder of Laura’s Wild Life. She primarily works in oils and specializes in creating unique imaginative pieces of wildlife artwork that make people smile.

In addition to her original oil paintings, Laura also sells prints and cards online and at various art exhibitions and events.

Favorite Working Tools & Colors

Laura loves oil paints because it’s smooth, colorful, smells good, and allows her the freedom to paint over and modify certain details with ease. She uses her favorite Chinese hairbrush to paint fur.

Her favorite color is Thalo green and ultramarine blue with a dash of white, which actually looks like turquoise. She likes the way it glows in the sky, reminding her of an island.

Laurs's Wild Life
Laurs's Wild Life

Complementing Creativity With Perfection

Laura builds a clear picture of what her piece should look like and finds the right reference materials to fit the image before putting it down on canvas. The habitats used in the paintings are true to the subject, but the animals are often a product of her imagination.

Her paintings rarely come out the way she had originally envisioned them and always seem to change direction. She knows that a piece is finally completed when she keeps driving herself crazy over the smallest of details.

Purchase Laura’s Paintings

Purchase original and colorful pieces of wildlife artwork from the online store at Laura’s Wild Life to enhance the aesthetics of your home or make someone feel special. The intricate detailing and exquisitely tasteful dynamics of Laura’s paintings make them an absolute treat for all wildlife lovers.

She is also working on a ‘How to Paint’ section in her blog to provide artists with valuable tips and resources.

Laurs's Wild Life