"I love to paint!"

My friends and co workers watch me put myself into all of my wildlife Paintings. I will hear things from clients like, “Do you sell anything? Do you do shows? Your paintings are so beautiful you should do it for a living.” I’ve always wished there was someone out there that would be my representative and get my paintings out to you the viewer. Well I’m sure you know that as it turns out I am that someone with help from my talented graphic designer son, Daniel.

Each of my paintings are unique. You won’t see anything like it from anyone else. I get a picture of an animal in my mind and I keep seeing it until I get it on canvas. My prints and cards are made with the best materials. Each print is signed by me and comes with acid free backing in an clear envelope.

We have added photos of flowers and other places and things. I love Photography and enjoy sharing these with you. Sometimes I see the flowers in the sun or early morning, maybe when the sun is going down and their beauty is so exquisite I have to grab my camera and take pictures.


I think I’ve taken 1200 flower photos now and I really don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Check them out. I am sure you will find a unique picture that is just what you are looking for.

Although I’ve painted seascapes, landscapes, portraits, and florals, My true love for animal not only led me to support many wildlife rehabilitation centers, I have also evolved into a wildlife painter.

Realism of the animal is most important to me, from the first stroke of fur on the canvas to the last highlight in the eyes, the animal must project realism, it must appear alive.

My Goals

My main goal in painting is to convey the majesty of animals through intrinsic detail, specifically the detail in the animal’s fur and eyes. I credit much of the realism of my animal’s fur to a Chinese Hair Brush.

Although the brush appears simple, with its unpainted wood and Asian symbols stamped on the handle, it helps me paint fur and hair with little effort. I highly recommend this brush, which comes in three sizes, six, seven and eight.


The animal’s eyes must be portrayed perfectly. I wash a thin layer of burnt sienna into the eyes before any other paint is applied to the canvas. This rich color represents the blood and life pulse underneath the surface.  In the case of blue eyes, I use a small amount of cadmium red and white to under paint the blue. I carefully detail the eyes with small amounts of shadows and highlights, noting that the eye will appear flat if the light colors are obscured by the darker colors. Afterwards, I apply a thin layer of ultra marine blue and white in a curved stroke to give the eye the more the round appearance. One final dot of white and the eye will come alive.

To an artist unhappy with work they’ve spent hours painting, My advice is this: “Paint over it!”. I encourage the frustrated artist not to be afraid of changing a painting that doesn’t measure up to what was originally envisioned or sketched.

Above all, my greatest love is bringing life to my animals on canvas. I’d continue painting them even if they were never viewed by another’s eyes.

Check out my Blog page for insights into my latest paintings and other events in my life.


I will keep this updated as I learn more and hope you come back to read it.
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Laura Curtin


Featured in OC Fine Arts Showcase Gallery

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Featured in Southwest Art Magazine

Date: Monday, August 26th – 2013

Women in Art
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Published art work in “Langur Monkey’s Day“

Written by: Jane Hammerslough

Illustrated by: Laura Buelt-Curtin

Published by: Soundprints

ISBN-13: 9781592491421

Publication date: 1/28/2003

Huntington Beach Associates Gallery

Best in Show and people’s choice award for “Morning Bath”.

Third Place in oil for “Colobus Monkey”.

North Light Artist Magazine
Won Honorable Mention for “The Guardian”.

Art Calander Magazine
Won Honorable Mention for “The Guardian”.

“The Guardian” Appeared in Wildlife Art Magazine.


Participated in: 
Women Artists of the West in Biloxi 
• National Art Exhibition and Sale by the Northern Colorado Artist Association
 • National Show of the National Society of Artists
 • Women Artist of the West Membership Show in Taos
 • Orange County Fair Juried Art Show.

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Active membership in:

CAC California Art Club

AWA American Women Artists

AFTA Americans for the Arts

NAWA National Association of Women Artists

OPA Oil Painters of America

I donate part of all sales and royalties to: Forever Wild Animal Sanctuary a non-profit sanctuary for abandoned and abused wild animals, located in California.